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Welcome to our blog!

In this we hope to encourage some discussion, thoughts, provide a little technical information, and of course let you know what we are doing.

Rough & Ready!!

Our (my?) journey into recumbents started 10 years ago – although it really began 25 years ago when I saw an advertisement for a Greenspeed trike – but that seed lay dormant until I accepted that upright bikes were getting uncomfortable.  The wonders of the internet opened my eyes to the various recumbent types, but being unable to find one locally to try I cut metal and created a bike.  Rough and ready, but hey, it worked.

Riding Performer

Performer High Racer

A purchase of a Performer bike followed, and the relegation of the upright bike to the back shed completed the transition to a recumbent cyclist.  Cycle commuting was the next progression, together with the inevitable purchase of another ‘bent.

A change in work circumstance and DT Recumbents was born.  Dragging my better half along with me, we soon had a selection of trikes and bikes for test rides, a website, and all manner of interesting people calling in to try this alternative way of cycling.

We’ll be writing about our recumbent experiences, as riders, fixers, sellers and probably spectators, with thoughts on the bikes and technology that cross our path.  With luck someone will find it interesting and useful.

First ride of rough bike

The start…

James M5

My current wheels
M5 Carbon High Racer.

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