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2020 ….. A year of challenges!

Small HollyChristmas 2020Small Holly

The team at DT Recumbents wish you all a Safe and Merry Christmas, and thanks you for your support over the last 12 months. 

We will be having a Christmas break, so we will be closed from Christmas Eve 24th December, re-opening Monday 4th January 2021.  We will be monitoring emails, so if you have a major catastrophe, send us a message and we will see what we can do to help!

GreenSpeed Update

In March we saw the sale of GreenSpeed Australia to WhizWheelz USA, who packed up all the GreenSpeed stock and shipped it to America.  We went from “yes, we can have a GT20 ready to go for you next week” to “We don’t know if new GreenSpeed Trikes will be available to Australia in the foreseeable future.”

Greenspeed GT26 Trike
GreenSpeed GT26

In October, Victorian company Trisled was announced as the new Australian distributor for GreenSpeed.  Trisled have been doing their best to secure an Australian share of GreenSpeed Trikes in production at the moment.

So far, we have seen a quantity of GT20’s (all sold now) and Magnum BW’s (1 left) and are expecting some GT26’s very early in the new year.  Other models including Magnums and Anura’s are anticipated around mid-year.

We’ll keep you posted!

COVID Impact on the Cycling World

COVID has had a massive impact on the cycling world.  As our gyms and fitness classes closed under lockdown, cycling took over as a COVID-Safe form of exercise that we suddenly had the time to explore, often with our families.  The demand for all types of cycles soared, and is still high. As the cycle manufacturing world struggles to catch up with the upright (upwrong?) and growing eBike demand, the smaller Recumbent market is experiencing similar issues.

It is going to take a while for the industry to recover and catch up, so 2021 will still see lots of ups-and-downs regarding availability of bikes, trikes and components.

Electric Assist

On a more positive note, Electric Assist kits and batteries have recovered from the COVID-induced shortage, and are more readily available. We can supply and fit your Mid Drive or Rear Wheel Hub drive.  See our E-Assist web page for more info on which type will best suit your needs, and give us a call if you have any more questions.

Coming Soon….

Performer JC26X Suspension Trike
Performer JC26X

As well as our GreenSpeed GT26’s, we have a Performer JC-26X – Suspension trike due to arrive in early January to add to our demonstrator range.

Our demonstrator Trikes include: 

GreenSpeed GT20, and a GT20 with an Electric Assist Mid Drive motor;
GreenSpeed:  Magnum BW; Aero; GT26 (mid Jan 21);
Performer JC20, and JC26X-Suspension (early Jan 21);
Rehatri Delta with USS.
(See our Recumbent Trike Web Page for more details.)

Our Demonstrator Bikes include:

Bacchetta:  Giro A20 & Giro A26
Performer:  Folding Front Wheel Drive
(See our Recumbent Bike Web Page for more details.)

And of course our personal bikes are here for discussion…  Challenge Mistral, Performer 700C Highracer, and M5 Carbon High Racer.

Remember, the more you ride, the more Christmas Treats you can eat....

Trike-ing my way to work.

(Mrs DT Recumbents dips her toe into the world of recumbent cycle commuting)

It’s been nearly 35 years since I was a cycling commuter.

Back then I was an active teenager whose only reliable means of transport was the bike.  I rode an inherited, fixed gear Malvern Star upright lady’s bike. As soon as I got a car, the bike pretty much got the flick.

Over the intervening years, hubby got me onto its successor, a Giant MTB, but I was never comfortable riding it. My neck and wrists hurt, my butt went numb, and when a kamikaze Magpie gave me such a fright that I fell off, that was pretty-much the end of my cycling, except for brief forays with my young kids.

Spring 2019 and I’m still quite active and have just hit the half century. Running and walking have been my primary choice in exercise for ages, but I’m about to go back to my summer job, 8km away, as a School Swimming Teacher. I won’t get time to run before work – I am NOT an early-morning person!  How to keep fit????

The Trike

Since we started DT Recumbents 2 years ago, I have tried a few of the recumbent bikes and trikes that have come through our business. While I can ride the Bacchetta Giro bike (the Bella didn’t adjust enough for my short legs), it wasn’t quite me.  I took the Performer Trike E and JC20 for a few longer spins, but they weren’t quite right either.

And then a friend left an older Greenspeed GT3 trike with us. Small size frame, 16” wheels, fixed seat and no head rest.

It was wonderful! Greenspeed GTS trike

Sporty looks, very efficient and agile performance and best of all, very comfortable to ride.  A bit of playing around with different length cranks and changing to a 2 speed front crank-set and I am now on the most comfortable cycle I have ever ridden. I will now voluntarily head off on a ride.

Getting Moving

The final block to making riding to work feasible for me, fell at just the right time. A new back road opened, meaning I could avoid the busy major road with unfriendly cycling allowances, and the major hill associated with it.

I did a weekend test run to the school pool and back. 25 mins each way! And on my sporty little trike I was able to do the 50 min/16 km test loop without being a total wreck at the end.  This would work!!

I got myself organised.   I made a couple of long sleeve cycle jerseys to go with my tights (sun protection for riding home at midday, late spring in sunny QLD); stole hubby’s old pannier bags; found a pair of cycle shoes, and I was all set to go.

The Trip

I thoroughly enjoyed the cycle commute (except for 1 day with 40-60kph head winds on the way home, and 1 idiot driver who decided that giving way didn’t apply to cycles.).  The majority of my trip was on either cycle lanes or footpath, with a couple of back roads here and there. Moreton Bay Regional Council have been slowly improving the cycle ways around Redcliffe, particularly near the waterfront.

Michelle on GT3 front viewAfter 6 weeks of riding 3-4 days/week, my legs were no longer shaking at the end of the steep hill leading up to the school. I had increased my average speed 1-2 kph, and did the whole term on less than 1 tank of petrol (vs filling up every 9 days or so).

The trike behaved beautifully. Uphill was sometimes a bit of a slog, but downhill I got up to 48 kph (I was never game to go that fast on an upright) and on the flats I could cruise at 25-27 kph.  Not bad for a 50 year old woman who had never been an avid cyclist.

Now the challenge is to keep that cycling fitness, which I discovered is really different to running/jogging fitness – those triathletes are really fit!!

Maybe a weekly trip to the café near school for a cuppa? A regular run along the Kippa Ring to Petrie rail-trail?

I’ll think of some excuse.


Welcome to our blog!

In this we hope to encourage some discussion, thoughts, provide a little technical information, and of course let you know what we are doing.

Rough & Ready!!

Our (my?) journey into recumbents started 10 years ago – although it really began 25 years ago when I saw an advertisement for a Greenspeed trike – but that seed lay dormant until I accepted that upright bikes were getting uncomfortable.  The wonders of the internet opened my eyes to the various recumbent types, but being unable to find one locally to try I cut metal and created a bike.  Rough and ready, but hey, it worked.

Riding Performer
Performer High Racer

A purchase of a Performer bike followed, and the relegation of the upright bike to the back shed completed the transition to a recumbent cyclist.  Cycle commuting was the next progression, together with the inevitable purchase of another ‘bent.

A change in work circumstance and DT Recumbents was born.  Dragging my better half along with me, we soon had a selection of trikes and bikes for test rides, a website, and all manner of interesting people calling in to try this alternative way of cycling.

We’ll be writing about our recumbent experiences, as riders, fixers, sellers and probably spectators, with thoughts on the bikes and technology that cross our path.  With luck someone will find it interesting and useful.

First ride of rough bike
The start…

James M5
My current wheels
M5 Carbon High Racer.