I borrowed a recumbent tricycle for a 200km team time trial event…

Introducing our guest blogger: Tara Horner, Endurance cyclist with Audax Australia.

At the start of March I wrote to James Ditton asking if he might have a recumbent tricycle to loan
for an event. I’d never ridden one, but some mates had hopes for a recumbent team in a time trial
event that month and they were short a rider to complete the team. How hard could it be?
I went for a test ride that Saturday and took it home that afternoon. By the time I’d returned it a
week later we’d covered over 300km including the team event of 185km.
I definitely jumped in the deep end, but gosh did I have a lot of fun!

DT Recumbents is Brisbane’s recumbent bicycle and tricycle specialist. Even if I hadn’t gone with
the intention of bringing home a recumbent trike, I imagine James and Michelle would have had
me convinced after a short conversation. We spoke about the joy of cycling, and how a recumbent
can make that more accessible for people who struggle with standard bikes or for those who are
just looking for something different.

Audax Australia is the long distance cycling club. We operate in all states and run events from
50km to 1200km. https://audax.org.au/
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Thanks to Tara for this great article. DT Recumbents was very happy to loan Tara our personal wheels. Glad to see she had a great time.

Another recumbent convert in the making………

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