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Primarily comfort, as the reclined position removes the pressure points associated with traditional upright bikes. Safety and improved performance are also significant and oft cited advantages.

No, but they are different and will take a little time to feel “in control” so to speak. Most people find a bike with a more upright seat easier to balance to start with.

Yes, of course. We have a workshop on site and can fabricate many special items as needed, and if it is outside our scope we work with specialist suppliers to complete the customising.

Have you considered a trike? ICE and Performer make a high preformance trike, some in a Carbon frame.

We can drop ship Performer bikes and trikes only. Other brands require the bike/trike to be assembled and checked by a dealer prior to delivery.

Performers arrive with much of the major assembly work done, you would need to be competent (and confident) installing and adjusting gear and brake cables, and basic bike fitting skills to install the trike cross member, wheels etc. If in doubt we do recommend asking your local bike shop for assistance.

Ahh, the need for speed! In general terms, a well reclined seat with the pedals significantly higher than the bottom of the seat, ie seat angle between 15 and 25 degrees from the horizontal, and the bottom bracket around 20cm higher than the seat. Check out the Performer and Bacchetta high racers, and the Greenspeed Aero trike.

Sometimes! While we do not show them on our main web pages, we can often source other brands on request.

That depends! We strongly recommend a mirror, and find a rear rack, rear mudguard, and a headrest are the most often fitted accessories. A simple safety flag is a popular addition.