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Assembly & Service of Recumbents

Did you know....The average recumbent trike chain is between 3.5 and 4 metres long!

Standard Service

Recommended every 6-12 months, your recumbent will be cleaned, adjusted, and ready to go! Service includes...

  •  Check and tighten all bolts and crank
  •  Adjust and align brakes
  •  Check and adjust gears
  •  Lubricate chain and cables
  •  Tyres inflated
  •  Wheels assessed and minor true carried out on bike/trike.
  •  Brake surface cleaned & pads deglazed
  •  Drive train degreased
  •  Bike/Trike cleaned/washed

Major Service

Recommended every 5000km. Service includes all items from the Standard Service Plus...

  •  Check and Tighten all Bolts & Fittings
  •  Adjust & Grease Hubs (if required)
  •  Adjust & Grease Headset
  •  True Wheels (on stand)
  •  Remove, Clean & Grease Bottom Bracket (if required)
  •  Remove, Clean Cranks & Chain rings
  •  Remove, Clean Chain & Cassette
  •  Clean Derailleurs
  •  Written Report by request.

Please note a $30 surcharge will be applied to bikes/trikes that are excessively dirty or if I need to kill spiders.

DT Recumbents is also the Australian agent for Habberstock mobility, the owner of the Schlumpf drive.

Other Common Recumbent Service Items

Service RRP With
Tyre or Tube Install Basic per wheel 15
Accessory or Part Install Basic 25
Accessory or Part Install Complex 50 20
Rack Install 65 25
Cassette Install 30
Chain Install 30
Brake Adjustment (2 wheels) 50
Service RRP With
Front Gears (derailleur) Alignment 50
Rear Gears (derailleur) Alignment 55
Gear Adjustment front and rear 55
Spoke Install per wheel 55 25
Wheel Alignment (Trike) 75
Bike Clean, Degrease and Re-lube 65
Build bike/trike purchased elsewhere (ex Factory) 360

Our full Workshop Price List can be found here.

Note: All services are labour only. Parts extra.

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I’ve bought a Recumbent – what's next?

If you have purchased your Recumbent from us, personal setup and adjustment is included in the purchase price.

GreenSpeed Trikes and Bacchetta Bikes are sold fully assembled.

Performer Recumbent Bikes and Trikes can be shipped direct to your door from the factory in Taiwan. South East QLD residents can have their Performer Recumbent shipped to us for assembly (Assembly charge A$180) and local pickup.

If you have purchased your Recumbent elsewhere and are in the South East QLD area, great, we can help.
Assembly and adjustment of an ex-factory Recumbent is $360.

We recommend taking your bike or trike to a bike shop for assembly, however it is not beyond the capability of a competent home mechanic.

I’ve bought a frame kit – what next?

Congratulations – a frame kit is a great way to build your special bike, even better if you have a selection of parts already waiting for a project. Be aware though, building a recumbent from a frame set is likely to be more challenging than assembling a regular bike.

There are some things that just need more thought. It’s worth it though, the effort to make it “just so” is rewarding in the end. Here is an example of what to expect when buying a “frame only” setup (the CHR is one of the harder builds around).

Performer Cycles

Performer will drop-ship their cycles direct to your door if you are prepared to have a go at assembling the cycle yourself. We recommend taking the bike or trike to a bike shop for assembly, however it is not beyond the capability of a competent home mechanic. The cycles come in one box with a smaller parts box enclosed. There is minimal pre-assembly.

See their website for their latest Assembly Guides for:

  • High Racer
  • Goal 26X bike
  • JC Series Trikes;
  • JC26X Trike
  • Rack & Fenders;

Performer also have a YouTube Channel with a large number of "How to assemble" videos.

Bacchetta Cycles

All Bacchetta cycles must come through your Bacchetta dealer, before being on-shipped to your door. Bacchetta bikes are shipped in a combination of two boxes. One has the frame, fork, and a small parts box, and the other contains the wheels, seat, handle bar assembly. The handle bar setup is fully assembled with shifters, levers, cables, and wrapped with handle bar tape.

The Bacchetta Owners Manual includes information on safety and instructions for your bike’s fit and function. It covers all makes and models of Bacchetta.

Special Installation Instructions are also available for:

  • B-Pivot Set Up Instructions
  • Euro-Mesh Seat Mesh Installation
  • Bacchetta Fine Tune (BFT) Installation – The BFT is designed to add proper load to a headset when no star nut type application is available. This becomes necessary on a Bacchetta bicycle (other than the Aero) if you plan to remove the adjustable stem from your bike.