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Recumbent Trikes

Recumbent Trikes come in either Delta or Tadpole configuration.

  • Delta Trikes have one front wheel and two rear wheels (such as the GreenSpeed Anura). With it's higher seating position, the delta is the best option for ease of getting on & off.
  • Tadpole Trikes have two front wheels and one rear wheel. With their low centre of gravity & aerodynamic layout, tadpole trikes are the best option for performance.
  • In the CARBON range we have the Bacchetta CT-2 and the Performer Cantus Trike.


Bacchetta trike group

USA based Bacchetta's sleek first offering to the trike market - the Bacchetta Carbon Trike 2.0.


Greenspeed trike group

Australia's GreenSpeed offer a wide range of trikes, including one of the few Delta style trikes.


Perormer trike group

Performer's trike range has you covered, right through to the lightweight Cantus carbon trike


pre-loved trikes