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NDIS Self Managed or Plan Managed only.

Accessibility and Customisations Options
for those with Special Needs

Talk to us with your Health Care professional and we can help select the ideal products from our range of trikes and customisation options.

Delta Trikes & Tandem Options


Trike-Futuro Delta large ×

PRICE: From US$2625

AVAILABILITY: Available to order Delta style trike


An easy to ride trike with a more upright "kitchen chair" height seat giving you a great view. Delta trikes have no cross member in front of the seat which makes mounting and dismounting easier. 20" wheels and disc brakes. Available in a range of colours, also available with a

Trike-Futuro FRP seat ×
Full details from Performer.

Availability: Email us to Order

Rehatri Trike

Rehatri-OS ×

PRICE: From AU$2195

Special needs trike;
Overseat or underseat steering


Available for test ride.
A Trike designed for those with special needs, with a high seat for ease of mounting and dismounting. Solid & dependable steel construction. Will give you years of trouble-free cycling.
Underseat or over-seat steering options.
Can be modified for fixed gearing or fitted with electric assist.
Only available in Red.

Availability: Email us to Order

HP Velotechnik
Delta TX

HP Velo's Delta TX trike
HP Velo Delta trike ×

PRICE: US$6920

AVAILABILITY: early 2024


The Delta TX is a reliable, highly stable and solid vehicle that can also carry plenty of luggage. The platform carrier in the rear is designed for a payload of up to 25 kg / 55 lbs. Two different mesh seat types are each available in two heights and widths. The trike can be dissasemble into 3 parts for easy transport. Availabe with a Shimano or Bafang motor (and locally purchased battery).
Available in colors Blue flash or Sparkling iron gray.

Full details from HP Velotechnik.

Performer Tandem

Performer Tandem
Performer-Tandem-angle-view ×

PRICE: From US$2650

Family Tandem
Front rider height limit of 150cm.


Upright section of the bike for adults up to 170cm tall.
Recumbent seat at the front is limited to riders a maximum of 150cm tall.
20/26" wheels

Full details from Performer.

Availability: Email us to Order

See also our Trike Tandem option below.

Prices are subject to change without notice. AUD prices include GST. Domestic postage and shipping additional at cost.
Terms & Conditions. Enquire for full details.

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Customisation Options

Alternative Gearing

Alternative gearing
Mountain Drive & IGH ×

The best gearing for your needs - Fixed gears, Internal Gear Hub (IGH), Single Chain Rings. Talk to us for options.

Electric Assist


Electric Assist kits can be fitted to almost any trike. Maximum power 200w to assist you to 25kph.
More details

Crank Shortening

100mm-cranks lg ×

Shortening of the pedal Crank for those with restricted knee movement.

One Hand Operation

OneHandOp ×

All gears and breaks on one handlebar. A wrist rest is an option for the non-functioning arm.

Foot/Leg Supports

foot support

Customised holders and supports for the foot and leg. We can adapt our design to suit your needs.

Pedal Heel Straps

heel slings
pedal heel slings ×

Terra Trike's Comfort pedal conversion kit. Converts standard pedals to hold heel securely when going over bumps. A$65

Stick Stowage

crutch-stowage lg ×

Storage for crutches or walking stick, so you can take them with you. Easy clip in and out.

Grab Handles

grab bar ×

Bar-end type handles to aid getting in and out of tadpole trikes. A mirror can be mounted on the end of the bar.  

Talk to us today about your particular requirements!

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